Registration Agreement

Updated 2/10/2020

If you register to Xyaena's Forums, you agree to be bound by the agreement details as well as being aware of the account restrictions which may be imposed against your account.

By law, you must be 13 years of age, or 16 years in the European areas, to access or participate on the forum board. If you register to the forum underaged, you can expect your account to be disabled until the 13th birthday, or if it is unknown as of the age range, to suffer a permanent disabling.

The term "disable" means to prevent the user from posting to the forum. They will still have the ability to access their profile and delete their data if requested. Keep in mind that if you have your data erased, it cannot be restored to another account later!

Accounts that post material which may violate the rules set by the forum category or globally may suffer penalties accordingly, including being warned, softbanned, or permanently banned. These rules also apply to PMs (personal messages). Accounts who are made circumventing the strikes set may invoke a permanent ban from the forum, along with a strike to the IP. Repeat offenders will result in a softban from the forum on the IP. You may still access other functions of TechPress even after the ban on the forum.

Accounts clearly being made to spam, promote warez, slanderous, or otherwise objectionable will be hidden from the forum and permanently banned. This is also a strike to the IP, and any "China bots" will be permanently banned from the cPanel side.

By registering to the forums, you agree that you will be bound to the rules, your content will follow the rules, and that you may suffer penalties based on violations of the rules and/or the agreement.

Privacy Policy

Instated 1/4/2020

The terms of the Privacy Policy is to make sure that you are clear about how our services work and how you can ensure your security is in good hands.

- I: GDPR Compliance -
The terms of the GDPR Compliance allows users to be more in control of their activity, including the ability for users to clear their data on request. Despite that, we request that users who are in the UK/European areas to be 16 years to better comply with the GDPR regulations.

- II: How we use your data -
When you post content onto the forum community, you leave behind an IP Address from the post to better ensure that we can track rule violators or security risks. This is usually not a problem, but people may choose to enforce security to prevent through security checks from occurring. VPN, TOR, and other IP fuzzing technology for the most part is disabled on this forum in order to avoid rule violators and China-bots. We use your data to help improve our services and security checks as instated in the registration guidelines. We will not be Facebook and sell your data.

- III: Why we need some data -
We need to use some data in order to help our administration handle security hazards, alongside being able to help keep your preferences stored locally. We often store these data in a database and is never accessed.

- IV: Cookie policy -
Cookies are used on your computer for some preference data and login info to be stored locally on your computer or device. Should you disable cookies, auto-logging in will not work. Disabling cache may also make your site experience slow as cache is loaded onto your computer or device in order to load the site faster. This is dependent of your network connection.

- V: When to notify administration of your security concerns -
You should NEVER hesitate to notify the administration of any security concern. The more we're aware of it, the more easier it is to handle security concerns in the future and have useful tools for ensuring privacy is kept in good hands.