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If you are under the age of 13, or under 16 in UK regions, or you do not agree to these Terms, we ask you immediately disconnect yourself from this network source.


If your content is considered to be violating these guidelines below, you may be subject to penalities accordingly:

  • Your content is promoting hateful conduct towards race, gender, ethnicity, etc. or promotes threats of violence against anyone or anything.
  • Your content is including sexually explicit and/or pornographic material, including links to said content.
  • Your content is including material which may contain malware, warez, or other harmful content towards a person or computer.
  • Your content is using hateful words which is explicitly directing towards a person or group.
  • Your content is including extremely violent acts which may be considered Not Safe for Work.
  • Your content is clearly taunting or harassing staff members that work on this community.
  • Your content is trying to bypass rule violations.
  • Your content is considered by a staff member to be violating one of the guidelines above or feels it is morally wrong to leave it here.

Depending on the violations set, you may suffer an account suspension or termination as well as your account's post in violation being removed from the site.

If you are caught underaged, your account will be temporarily suspended until the 13th or 16th birthday. Please have a parent associate your account to theirs and have it looked over until it is considered safe enough. They can request your account be deleted at anytime.