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Users of the Brave Beta browser for PC may encounter Fatal 5. Apparently something in it is not properly migrating with the board. If this issue occurs, make sure some parts of the browser is not blocked and you have full firewall access for Brave to perform TLS handshakes correctly. This may be addressed in a further update or if it isn't Brave, may be an issue with your network.

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Brave Browser Review
Have been using Brave for a good 4 months on my Android and now to my PC, it's time to review the faster and better alternative to Google Chrome.

The Brave Browser is all about privacy. It's also all about being paid to view ads instead of just blocking them. The one important thing about the Brave Browser is how it handles web pages, and depending on your hardware and network, may be fast like Firefox or slow and crummy like old Internet Explorer. (Let's not mention how much we HATE Edge here) Some services I've noticed from my version 73 review may be a bit slow to work sometimes. (Might've been my network though.)

Brave Browser is a version of Chrome by the open sourced version Chromium, and does a well defined job of making sure I'm not gonna be forced to sign into a Google account (now is why I get ANNOYED of Chrome) to just simply access YouTube. This really locks down your rights of privacy and no such thing as a forced sync just from logging into YouTube or Gmail.

The abilities of adblocking and tracker blocking tightens your rights to privacy, as not only would your ordinary ads or statistic trackers track your IP or useful hardware IDs, but also keeping your PC safe by not running adware through safe websites. HTTPS anywhere with the Brave browser really helps with https:// protocols on any website, making sure that all you need is security. (We still recommend running an extension or an antivirus with one for better security.)

For Android, fingerprinting blocks are quite an effective countermeasure against sources that want to steal your financial information. Anything with fingerprint should be a valid Google Play app and should be using the one set in your Android settings. Strongly recommended to update your prints every month. The inclusion of a blocking system for fingerprinting prevents your data from easily being taken by scamming websites and/or data to be held by the hackers.

Programs requiring an external launching mechanic (aka Roblox and Roblox Studio) are working in Brave and will handle these external launches very easily. Have fun!

Torrents? Brave includes a Torrent view for easy access only on the PC, Mac, and Linux builds at the moment. There's not any plans for Android or iOS to receive these updates.

Unfortunately... Brave Browser lacks the thing that in my opinion made Google Chrome amazing... Themes that actually made Chrome what it was worth for. While you can get a theme from the Chrome store, it will not reflect yourself globally. Only the top bar will be changed. That's not really fun at all.
Tails Edit: Since Brave is built upon the Chromium browser engine, you can theme Brave to your hearts desire. Have fun!  Smile

Another minor gripe is the page loading clear bar issue. You should wait for the page to completely load after a new tab before entering anything in. Not much of a real problem, more like a gripe.

The Brave browser is nearly perfect. It has all the qualities needed to make it great. If we had themes that made it like Chrome, Brave Browser will easily destroy Chrome and be the best known browser completely free and security based, unlike Puffin's subscription system for PC.


+ Great browser built with privacy and security in mind.
+ Brave Rewards you [literally] with currency to tip your favorite sites.
+ Controls to block the levels of cookies, scripts, trackers, and more, more better than Firefox.
+ Easily find torrents and put them onto a list for easy access by enabling it.
= Minor gripe of the load before typing mechanic.
- Missing the type of themes that made Chrome good.

Warning: We do not recommend using the Tor browser of Brave unless you know what you are doing. We are not responsible for your negligent use of it and will not be responsible for your arrest.
But you can theme Brave, you need to go to the Chrome Web store and download the theme that way.
It's a trap!

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