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[Serious Topic] Do you think that BRs these days are just... missing out?
We know the lot of battle passes and everything are around, but do you think that BRs are just missing out on some things?

You really have to bring the glory of BRs by simply laying waste to your enemies in the most brutal way possible.

I honestly want to see a BR that's got some gore and glory in it, then it's worth it.
"Even in the darkness of age, people leave you behind and some will fall, but only those willing to fight will always be with you. And they are the ones you should consider being your wingman." - Afterdark Blu

"If you let yourself consume darkness, only the remnants of yourself can push towards a greater cause, and we don't infer ourselves to die on a Sunday Night Brawl, mind you. We mean that you will end up pushing away something that could be your future. And we know how well it'll go if you lose it like me." - Trenchcoat

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